Tuesday 19 July 2011

Signs You Should Not Ignore

Signs around you, thought provoking but nevertheless funny. Enjoy.
·         Fruit Bowel $ 5
·         Do not urinate on wall. Ghost lives here.
·         Marriage Hole on first floor.
·         Do not ask for directions.
·         Yu Chu Hoo, Family Dentistry.
·         Plumbar and Weldar available. Enquire within.
·         Menu Musings
  • Chikan Samdwitch
  • Grilled Chinese
  • Sweet and Spicy Balls
  • Fried French
  • Indian Chinese
·         Public Restroom:
Toilet: $ 1
Bath: $ 2
Urine: Free
·         Dangerous Bitch. Stay away from the water.
·         Trespassers will be prostituted.
·         Outsiders who park there car here will have there air taken out.
·         Restaurant signs
  • Do not comb your hair at the table.
  • No sharing food.
  • No joining tables.
  • Marriage parties will not be allowed to sit for more than 45 minutes.
  • No business meetings allowed.
  • Left-Over Food will not be packed.
  • Do not wash hands in your plate.
  • Do not spit in the wash basin.

Always read the signs around you and be forewarned of the path ahead. And if you do notice any “Spellographic” errors on this blog, do not hesitate to post a sign. Cheers.

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