Thursday 8 September 2011

Some More Things That Scare you

My earlier post saw a flurry of responses and a lot new fears coming out. I have taken the liberty of posting some.
While the fear of subways has already been mentioned, there is a fear of fast trains as well, more particularly when you have been involved in train crash. And those accustomed to travelling by Indian Railways will well be aware of the art of using a toilet while rolling on the tracks. In comparison with the facilities on board an aircraft, the toilets on these trains are quite spacious with lots of head room. But be not take comfort with the size for the real danger lies somewhere else. What will raise your eye brows and stop you from going past the door will be the sight of the hole in the floor with the tracks running underneath. Scared already?
Many a user has lost their wallets, glasses and phones while attempting to use one of the above. The rolling of the train only adds “excitement” to the experience.
Moving from trains to water, I have been reported of the fear of water sports. Some are scared of venturing in to the ocean at the beach. But water sports are a new category. I need to name that one as hydrosportophobia – the fear of water sports.
And then we move to a variety of fear in the air or should I say in the aircraft. While flying itself is a fear, an air pocket certainly scares the contents of your stomach out of either ends. There has been at least one incident involving a friend of mine going white in the face not knowing which end he should control from involuntarily opening up.
Landing back on to earth, lizards do scare almost everyone. There have been a few incidents involving my family members who have been blessed with a lizard falling on them or attempting to climb them. I use the word “bless” as, apparently, a lizard falling on one is considered good luck. But don’t ever step on one. I had the misfortune of stepping one. It sounded like a pea pod popping open. I still scrub my feet every time I think about it.
Moving to the larger cousin of the lizard is the crocodile. Quite a fearsome being it is. One not just has to be wary of its tears but also its bite. I have been given a solution for overcoming this fear. Eat the meat and get some boots made. A good solution so long you don’t end up lining the crocs innards while attempting some lunch.
All this makes me wonder if there is a fear of fears. I am sure there is name for that. Have a good one folks and let not a fear bring out a tear.

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