Tuesday 6 September 2011

The Things That Scare You

Every person has some fears. While some have the fear of flying, some are afraid of water. And there are some who are afraid of flying over water. Yes indeed fears can be of the weirdest kind and they will hit when you are least expecting them. Fear of spiders, snakes, lizards, and the list can be endless.
I have this cousin who refused to use a pan/squat toilet out of fear that he would slip in to it and go down the hole all the way to the sea. Though that’s a bit impossible to happen to a 5 foot 60 kilo person.
Some people are scared of using the subway. Some are claustrophobic and therefore the fear. But why would anyone be afraid of riding a train.
Most fears occur only after someone tells you of them. Most of us are afraid of ghosts though very few have seen one. And the ones who tell you about ghosts are the ones who have never experienced one.
Is there any way of conquering fear? May be yes and maybe not. Some may tell you that the easiest way to conquer fear is to live it out. So does that mean you go to a haunted house or have a spider crawl all over you? And what about the fear of water? Do you go for a swim and risk drowning.
Some years back, I read a news article of ground water table in Florida having risen to a level that it was over the ground. This had led to reptiles of all sorts to seek shelter wherever they could. One woman had found a snake in her toilet lying all coiled up at the base of the pot. Now that really scarred the shit out of me. Seriously, no jokes. There you are sitting on the john looking for some comfort and all you can think of is something lurking beneath waiting to have a go at you.
Now think of what can be scarier than having the urge to use the loo at night in the middle of a black out.
Have a happy fear.

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