Tuesday 31 July 2012

The State of Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is a fine state to be in. It is a state of the mind and the body. It is still a state of well being, frowned upon by some and a cause of envy amongst plenty.
Who would not love to do nothing? In reality a lot may get done in such a state. While I leave it entirely to the eyes of the beholder to decide such a state, it leaves one quite happy. Doing nothing is also a presumptuous state. A whole lot of persons who seemingly look like doing nothing are doing something while another lot with a look of sincerity in their eyes and actions are attempting nothing. The latter forms a larger population than the former.
Doing nothing causes a lot of stress to near ones. A spouse doing nothing, a grown child doing nothing, a parent doing nothing, a partner doing nothing soon get termed into “good for nothing” or even free loaders. But given the economics of society, if all those mentioned above (maybe just one person in different capacities) were doing something, it would lead to somebody else doing nothing.
And once in a while all the Good for Nothing will get the opportunity to redeem themselves and rise above all so high that the past will be forgiven like dust swept under a carpet. People only look at rising stars and not fallen ones or falling ones.
So once in a while sit in the balcony with your favourite beverage and look at the world go by. For most you will be doing nothing, but you will know the most of the world that has gone by you.
And this post was about nothing............or maybe something.