Wednesday 1 January 2014

New Year's Resolution: To be or let it be.

Welcome to a new year.

Wish you all a year of happiness, joy and prosperity. Will this year be different from the previous year or any of the earlier years?

Yes I would definitely want some things in a better way this year and leading to even better years thereafter.

For starters, I will not be resolving to do or not to do any particular thing and make promises to myself that I know may be difficult to keep. So what is it that I want, not through a new year's resolution but as a way of life.

  1. To be in non-conflict with the world at large. That may not necessarily imply that I will start loving my neighbour but possibly come to terms with the fact that as an a******e that he is, he should largely remain ignored by me.
  2. Earn more money. Cause the best things in life are either illegal, immoral or expensive and you need lots of money to get into it. Just kidding. But yes with a really good SUV you can conquer as many mountains as you want.
  3. Spend money wisely. Buy some conveniences. Invest for the future.
  4. Do more charity. Help your own people. Do random acts of kindness. Give to someone on the street. Let me not dictate what makes him happy.
  5. Listen more and talk less. Talk less and act more. Maybe not talk at all.
  6. Mind my own business. Unless your business is encroaching upon my business.
  7. Talk more to God. It helps and it works. If you don't tell Him what you are up to, He will not know what to give you. Thank Him for what he has given before you ask Him for more.
  8. Meet friends in person and have a good time. There is nothing like hearing a good joke followed by the sound of laughter to lift your spirits. An emoticon just doesn't work that well.
  9. Take a Walk or a jog or maybe run a mile. Do some push-ups, pull ups or a few squats. Strengthen the body and the mind as well. Get rid of the negativity and get some fresh ideas.
  10. Remove all material junk and accumulated possessions that have no bearing on my present or future life. Less junk will give more space, to move and to breathe freely.
  11. Travel to new places. See new sights not necessarily exotic. Learn good practices from different cultures and bring them into work, home and surroundings.
  12. Spend more time with family. Go for a picnic, movie or hangout at home. Everything else comes next.

That my friends is what I have in mind. Hope you have a good year ahead. Cheers.


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