Sunday 2 February 2014

The Month Gone By

A month of the new year already gone by and another 11 to go for the next year. In my previous post I had listed a number of things to do starting this year and continuing with it as a  way of life. They were all items without a target in the sense that you don't stop if you achieve something or realise a goal. In fact all were actions without an end.
With January gone I thought of taking a quick check on how I have fared with my resolutions, though I prefer not to call them resolutions. The results are not all that bad, that too without much effort. I have happily ignored by neighbour and other sundry characters. I have been exercising a little bit and doing some random acts of charity. There are a couple of problem areas that will need attention. I am sure you might have guessed them. Action nos 2 and 3. I will definitely need to put in more effort to earn some more money in order to invest for the future and buy some conveniences. An SUV is also on the list. But otherwise a very good start and I hope to keep it up.

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