Saturday 19 July 2014

My Daily Traffic Grind

This is the daily traffic scene I witness in Mumbai from my window. Given are a series of photos shot at roughly one hour interval between 12 noon and 7 pm.

Before it all begins

The Beginning

Full on Action

Taxi Driver in White attempting to find a way

A Truck for Everyone

Finally a Cop to the rescue seen in yellow raincoat



  1. Heheh! That's so like a scene from anywhere in Mumbai. People are in such a hurry and so high strung in this city that they take the wrong lane, honk where it serves no purpose and do various other things which only add to their traffic misery. And to make matters worse, we have the monsoon related obstructions to deal with. God save us!

  2. Cliché. 1000 words etc. Good one.

    1. The reality of a road that connects the offices of lower parel to its occupants coming from North of Dadar.