Thursday 1 January 2015

2015 - The way ahead

At the start of the last year I made a list of things I would do thenceforth . I preferred to not call them resolutions but to act on them as a way of life. At the end of the year I felt the need for a self appraisal. I went through the whole list and am quite pleased that I have touched upon all the items therein, some more and some less but overall brought some change.

What have I thought for this year 2015. Well, not much. I will continue with or rather live with what I planned last year. I still don't have a SUV but am working towards it. I ignore my neighbour and a whole lot of others. I am meeting my friends more often even if it means travelling great distances and spending money to do so. I have done more charity than ever before. Minding my own business brings far more peace and accompanying prosperity than spending time figuring out somebody's else's troubles.

What do I plan to do for this year? Nothing. Let things be. I may well just continue to do what I did in the previous year. though I may add one more item to that list:

Conclude all pending things. Yes that is what I may embark on. I have to bring to a conclusion all things that I have started with and left them in a state of suspension. Whatever the conclusion, they cannot be left in a state of incomplete. Either abandon them as not workable or take them to their logical end. If there is an idea, I will not start with it if I do not know how to end it. If I cannot work on the idea, I will give it away to somebody who can work on it. There cannot be any wires with open ends.
Having said this I wish you all a made to order year ahead.

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