Sunday, 24 July 2016

20 things of an Office Lift that reminds you of the Mumbai Local Train

This is something that I experience every morning in the office building which reminds me of the Mumbai Local Train. I am sure that you will agree with at least a few of these.

1.      It's crowded;
2.      There is always room for one more;
3.      Almost everybody is late;
4.      Everyone wants their floor to be the first halt. Think slow, fast, and double fast;
5.      Someone will always be running to catch the lift before the doors shut, no matter how full it is and the fact that the next one will be available within a short while;
6.      You will be surrounded by sweat;
7.      First, Second, and Goods are all rolled into one. It's a one class carriage;
8.      You have things jabbing at you. Think briefcase or an umbrella;
9.      The fan never works;
10.  Nobody believes in queuing;
11.  It takes forever for the lift to arrive on the ground floor;
12.  There will always be that one traveler in reverse direction who will go up and then come down. Like getting in at Kandivali so you get a seat at Borivali and then commute to Church Gate;
13.  Somebody will always step on your feet;
14.  In the rains there will be water dripping on you from somebody's raincoat/umbrella;
15.  There will be at least one person with an oversize backpack/purse/shoulder bag which will get caught in somebody's else's oversize backpack/purse/shoulder bag and in the process break or tear your bag;
16.  There will be someone asking you if it halts at a particular floor. "Mira Road jayega kya";
17.   There is no such thing as courtesy to move a little and allow somebody at the back to get off at his floor. Think of  a Virar fast from Church Gate and you want to get off at Dadar or Borivali;
18.  If you are getting in mid-floor, no matter how empty the carriage, there will be someone standing right in front of the door blocking your entry and showing extreme reluctance to give way.
19.  There will be a mad rush to stand on the side of the carriage with the coveted spot being next to the key board. Imagine a rush for a window seat or a spot next to the doors of your train compartment.
20.  And lastly that one guy/gal who lets off a "Silent But Deadly" when you are deeply entrenched in the carriage and you realize the true meaning of time standing still.