Tuesday 5 July 2016

Zebra Crossings for Ghosts who Walk

All through school we were taught the virtues of using Zebra Crossings or to cross the street at pedestrian crossings with a light for safety purposes. Even today we see road safety messages that educate people to cross streets at pedestrian lights or where there are zebra stripes to indicate a pedestrian crossing. The crossings in my area either seem to be made for the terminator T 1000 model or for ghosts who walk to pass through the protective barriers as you  cross from one side walk to another. Take a look.

Note the pedestrian light behind the steel barricade. 

Once again the pedestrian light is behind the steel barricade. Since nobody can cross over at this spot, you might as well park your car. No traffic violation here.

Same story here too!!

Looks like a zebra took a dump on common sense.


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